Best Exercise For Weight Loss

weight loss exercise

Best Exercise For Weight Loss

KAPAL-BHATI or SKULL-SHINING-BREATHING-TECHNIQUE PRANAYAMA is the most effective pranayama for weight-loss also this pranayama is beneficial in many more problems. (Become slim, fit and lose weight)

•    To do kapalbhati (skull shining breathing technique) sit in Padmasana pose (place your hands on the knees palm open facing upwards).
•    Now take a deep breath in.
•    Now forcefully exhale such that your stomach shrinks in with full force.
•    Now again breath in deeply.
•    And repeat the cycle for 10 minutes for good results.

•    Most effective way for reduce weight.
•    Good for abdominal organs.
•    Effective for controlling diabetes. (Also watch out this to control your Diabetes)
•    Improve digestive system.
•    Improve blood circulation in whole body.
•    Makes skin healthy, also beneficial in skin problems.
•    Improve metabolism for this reason body stores less fat and lose weight.
•    Strengthen lungs.
•    And many more

•    Avoid if recently went through abdominal surgery.
•    Pregnant women should avoid doing this.
•    Also women should avoid this during Menstruation.

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