How to do Sarvangasana-Shoulder stand

sarvangasana-shoulder stand

Shoulder stand (sarvangasana)

   How to do it

  • Lie on a yoga mat on ground.
  • Now slowly lift your legs then buttocks and then back.
  • Now by putting your elbows on ground try to support your back and buttocks.
  • Now with the support of your hand raise your body straight upwards.
  • All of your body weight should be on shoulders. ( don’t push or apply pressure on your neck into ground)
  • Your chin should touch your chest. Try to hold this pose for a minute.
  • Now return to the initial position, slowly lower your legs and then body. Fold your legs from your knees to balance weight.


(By AVOIDING A LITTLE you can lose weight become slim and fit)

  • Keeps diabetes under control.
  • Stimulates the thyroid and parathyroid glands and normalizes their functions.
  • Strengthens the arms and shoulders and keeps the spine flexible.
  • Nourishing brain with more blood.
  • Stretches the heart muscles by returning more venous blood to the heart.
  • Brings relief from constipation, indigestion and varicose veins.

(Also watch out this to control your Diabetes)


Do not do this pose if you suffer from any abnormal blood pressure, glaucoma, detached retina, chronic thyroid disorders, neck or shoulder injuries neck or spinal injuries. Also do this exercise only under supervision.


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